Security Officer Training

How to Become a Security Guard in the Uk

The number of people interested in becoming a security officer is growing, and the security industry itself is growing as well.

Environments that the public once viewed as optional in terms of security have evolved and are now required to have some form of security present. In fact, many business establishments, public gatherings, and hospitals employ security staff to keep the grounds safe around the clock.

Pursuing a career in the security industry does not require an excessive amount of education or certification.

However, any security position does require some level of qualification to ensure that the applicant is capable of protecting the public and upholding a standard of excellence within the security field.

Training and Certification Requirements

As of 2005, any person working as a security officer is required to be licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority), the government body in charge of regulating such jobs in the UK. The most basic SIA license that can be obtained is a certification for security guard, and it is valid for a total of three years after it is acquired.

To obtain the basic security guard certification, a candidate must receive SIA approved security officer training to prove they are capable of typical security guard duties. This training is available through a number of private institutions as well as local colleges.

The required training courses typically span a period of two to four days, and the curriculum covers a range of security industry topics, including tracking suspects, patrolling, arresting suspects, and handcuffing. Additionally, training in basic emergency care is also provided to the candidates.

The 26 total hours of required training are split into three separate modules, each requiring the candidate to pass an exam covering the curriculum from each section. Once a candidate has completed training and passed all required exams, they are then eligible to apply for their SIA license.

The license application process involves ordering a pack from the SIA, which can be obtained from their website, and returning the completed application with a £245 processing fee. This fee is non-refundable but can be claimed as tax relief on any taxable income.

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